i drew my wife on twitter and thought she came out cute 


Superhero gals I’ve been thinking a lot about, Hayley (left) has the ability to fly and Adalet (right) has super strength.

lovely color palettes courtesy of clourpod dot com~ (I edited Adalet’s palette there was a color left over)


This is my price reference chart for other websites too, I would recommend sending an me email instead of notes on tumblr because the inbox tends to be untrustworthy and notes get lost easily. 

7/22/14 EDIT: I changed quite a few details! Feel free to send me an ask/email for more information I might of left out. Reblogs are highly appreciated, thank you!! :D

bonte, bounty hunter, possibly robot possibly a shape shifter. uses white hot hooks to snag targets i think?? a bit of a mystery.

wanted to do another fake screenshot but ended up messing up the tutorial steps a lot so i kinda winged it lmao

i have this dd headcanon where the guys keep a little kiddie pool in handy for when gil needs to be in water and the local swimming pool isn’t available lmao…. 

here mo’s keeping him company while the others are out getting groceries or something (●♡∀♡)

if ur not following this blog you might wanna check it out :D


Charr (the cat) is Lee’s, Calcifer is mine! Look how happy she is!

two magicat sisters in the middle of a very one sided battle!!

demon generator doodle!! (#flashing_gif in link)