i haven’t updated this blog in a while, here’s a cute octopus to make up for it 

FA commission !

(commissions are still open, info here)


pocket monster

slow activity update

i recently started school again so expect little to no activity for a while, i’m alive just refocusing on my last year left~ :>


couple of art trade things

here are their counterparts respectively~ x / x 


best frends! i want some of oolies chips tbh


i felt like drawing something cute~! albert’s supposed to be doing the “i got my eyes on you” hand gesture but i’m not sure if i got that across… ヽ(;▽;)ノ


Here are the Pokefusions/hybrids I did of my teams over the last couple of days, it was super fun. :D 

The blank meme can be found on dA —>here<—! 


If you commission an artist, please be aware that:

- there’s a difference between “giving artistic freedom” and “leaving the artist with no idea what to do”
- they are not being paid to go looking for references for you. Unless you tip extra, don’t make them go on a goose hunt for what you want
- the artist needs to be organized but so do you. Please keep track of things on your end and make sure you make the artist aware of things like what to avoid, what you would prefer to see, and specific details you would like. If they don’t do exactly what you want, consider if it was their fault or if you left something out.
- understand that most artists on here are working for pay that is well under minimum wage, and providing the best quality they can possibly create for you. They are not just art machines, they can only do so much.

the adventures in cell shading continue